Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Training: Assessment Month

November is as good a month as any to turn our attention towards tools to assist in the formative and summative assessment, available through Moodle. 
To this end, the following workshops focus on three of the most common assessment tools:
  • Moodle Assignment tool: to enable electronic submission of coursework files.
    Tuesday 8th November, 12-2pm: JD C1.03
  • Quizzes: can automatically mark answers to multiple choice and drag and drop questions (amongst others).
    Wednesday 9th November, 1-3pm: JD C1.01
  • Turnitin & Grademark: which can be used to manage the entire assessment process from assignment submission, online marking and feedback.
    Wednesday 16th November, 1-2.30pm: JD C1.01
You can use the eventbrite booking system below to register your place on any of the workshops, and if you have any particular interests or questions ahead of the sessions, please do let me know.

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