Monday, 24 October 2011

The Student Resource Area

Most staff will probably be aware that we have access to a Staff Resource Area within Moodle, but did you know there is an equivalent Student Resource Area where all students are automatically enrolled?

The Student Resource Area is split into a five sections. The following descriptions are taken directly;

Skills Online

Skills Online is a resource that will support you in developing the necessary skills you need to study and progress successfully at this level. It is designed to be used to complement your programme-based teaching and learning activities.

Employability Online

Employability Online is a resource which gives you the opportunity to develop key skills that employers are looking for. It will help you to reflect on your areas of relative strength and on development.


The InfoSkills Online tutorial helps develop Information Literacy skills. Self-sufficiency and effectiveness in locating, evaluating and employing good quality research information is an important life and career skill. Information Literacy has been identified as a key Graduate Competency in MMU's "Employability Curriculum Framework".

Moodle Guides & Support

Guides include how to access and navigate Moodle, editing Profiles, submitting Assignments and using Discussion Forums.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

This programme must be completed by all students as well as staff. The module does not carry credits for your University course but completion of the programme will contribute to your continuing personal development in this key transferable skill area.

So if your students are in need of a little further online self-directed support, you  know where to send them....

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  1. Good Work Peter.
    In MMUBS we use the Skills Online, Employability and Info Skills resources explicitly, in years 1&2 by directing the students to specific modules in lectures and from within Moodle Unit areas.


  2. Thanks Robin,

    That sounds really good. Embedding these resources within specific modules/units is a great way to develop information/digital literacy skills amongst students.
    I think many people take for granted that the so called 'digital natives' will already possess these skills when in actual fact, that's not always true.

    It would be really interesting to see if/how your students value the resources and if they are actually enhancing these skills rather than 'paying lip-service' to them....