Monday, 24 September 2012

Social Media Policies

I've heard some pretty horrifying stories related to the use of Social Media recently, and have begun to explore the development of a Social Media Policy for MMU.
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I've flicked through a lot of policies after coming across Goldsmithsleu's Delicious Set for Social Media Policies, as well as a list of policies from various organisations on the Social Media Governance site. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that Policies can often be restrictive and unhelpful in areas that are so dynamic and ever-changing - like Social Media. Also, I don't think I have the patience/attention/mindset to read some of those 10 pages (and more) policies from some organisations. Rather, I think a more flexible and supportive set of guidelines would better serve staff in HE, which is a common opinion through Twitter discussions with @SueFolley and @MarkPower.

Based on this assumption, I can think of half a dozen statements/points (below), but I'm really hoping to gauge the opinions of readers through the comments section, on what messages are important to get across in such a document, if indeed one is needed at all. So please, share your thoughts...

  1. Staff are encouraged to develop a digital identity and use Social Media as a communication channel with students and colleagues 
  2. Staff can create separate accounts for personal and professional use, depending on preferences. Both options have positive associations
  3. Bare in mind you are always a representative of the University and should be mindful of the terms and conditions related to academic employment 
  4. When using Social Media in a professional capacity, you should be clear who you are and who you work for rather than using obscure aliases 
  5. Refrain from discussing personal information with students in an open environment
  6. If you witness inappropriate behavior from students/colleagues, raise this with appropriate line management for action rather than challenging those concerned in an open environment

Anything on here will be CC so reusable :-)

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