Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Moodle Backups aren't just for Christmas

We've all done it - Pressed the Delete button by mistake and watched our files disappear.

Unfortunately Moodle doesn't have a recycle bin where we can just go back in and recover those files. When you delete things in Moodle, they're gone forever!
That's why it's important to keep regular backups of your Moodle areas, so if the worst happens, you can always restore your units.

Creating a backup and restoring to a unit is relatively easy to do. The following video runs through the process:

Other recommended tips include;
  • Download the backup file from Moodle and keep on your hard drive
  • Remove the the file from Moodle (in order to keep the size of Moodle areas as low as possible)
  • Create a recurring event in your calendar to remind you to make regular backups

Backup image take from Flickr User 'Tacker' - CC-BY-ND

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